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Residential Real Estate Price Guide

(minimum charge of $150)
Pricing based on properties located in our services areas around Tri-Cities TN/VA region.

ServiceBase Price
Interior/Exterior Photos (up to 30 edited)$150*
Drone Exterior Photos (up to 10 edited)$100*
Drone Exterior Video (1 minute edited)$150*
Property SizeAdditional Cost
0-2000sq ft and <5 acres$0*
2000-4000sq ft and <5 acres$25*
4000-6000sq ft and <5 acres$50*
>6000sq ft or >5 acrescontact for pricing
Commercial Propertycontact for pricing

* Price is based on photographing a single structure. There will be additional charges if photographs of more than one structure is desired. Each project will be quoted individually and this guide is an example of pricing. Pricing varies depending on what is requested, size of structure/property and location of the property.